Sick and Tired of School

arrrrgggg...!! I'm sick and tired of school I wanna dieeee~•••••••••••••••••ahhhh....no wait...Before I die I must see the concert of  GIRLS' GENERATION..kyaaaaaaaaa~♥ Damn it... I ♥ SNSD...I hope this 2nd semester I'll be transferring to ADDU, I really feared that I won't pass the test or my subjects won't be credited...Why am I worrying about this??...Tomorrow's our exam(Aug.25-27)!! Right ...

My Own Sasameki Koto Animation

Ooooof~!!...I'm totally done with my work for 2 days..buwahahahha!! I made an animation of Sasameki Koto..Well, I didn't use any macromedia or something..Juts MS PAINT that's why it's very tiring~! But I still hope you like it~♥...

It makes me drool

YUKINO & KANADE ACTION FIGUREI saw this action figure from Akayuuki's blog...and I went..."OOOHHHH" a lot~!!It's a Yukino and Kanade action figure and they are so cute, holding hands!! Uhuhuhuh..I wanna buy that..I wonder how much it cost..oh please don't tell me it's a thousand??!! You've got to be kidding me..I really want that!!...

DVDs ~ chooo chooo

Those 5 DVDs that I bought last week adds up to my collection...choo choo~!!Check these out~!!..Tons of DVD collections that I collectedHmmmm...I have 3 DVDs (Strawberry Panic, Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge, and Simoun) that my classmates borrowed from me..I hope they'll handle it with care~♥...

I bought new DVDs

Ohohohohoh~!! I'm so glad I bought new DVDs at a store that is full of crapness of DVDs. Well, my reaction was "SUGOIIIIII" all the time. I can't help myself so bought 5 DVDs.I bought•••••►Maria-sama ga Miteru►Junjou Romantica►Toradora►Sukisyo►Air TV So I think I'll be busy watching all of these this week and also I'm happy that these things will add up to my collections~!!!buwahahahahaha!!...


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