Aoi Hana EP.1 [eng sub]


Aoi Hana OP & ED

Oh my gosh~!! I think this is too sweet~!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!! I found the intro and ending of Aoi Hana at YT.. I think the anime is getting great rather what we see in the manga of it... I like the relationship of the two, so cute...ohhh crap~!? Whats with the naked thingy lying down on the water..ahahahah~!!! Better watch the 1st episode...Oh CRAP~!...

Aoi Hana Trailer


Aoi Hana Question and Answer portion for The Seiyus

Q1: You probably will have some kind of impression concerning the work, “blue flower”?Q2: Is the part which itself plays probably what kind of character?Q3: When playing itself part, please teach the point. Or distantly it probably is the thought how of liking to keep playing?Q4: Lastly, the message the fan which enjoys this work we request to.Q1: Friendship of the girl and romantic love and ...

Umi Monogatari

UMI MONOGATARI「うみものがたり」Umi Monogatari, the pachinko line that its Sanyo Bussan manufacturer describes as the most popular in Japan, has a television anime spinoff green-lit for this summer. Junichi Sato (Aria, Kaleido Star, Princess Tutu) will direct this Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ "magical maiden fantasy" with Yuu Kou (Chrono Crusade, Monochrome Factor, Zero no Tsukaima: ...


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