My Own Sasameki Koto Animation

Ooooof~!!...I'm totally done with my work for 2 days..buwahahahha!! I made an animation of Sasameki Koto..Well, I didn't use any macromedia or something..Juts MS PAINT that's why it's very tiring~! But I still hope you like it~

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[C8] What the!???

OMG! What have you done? You're a fan of Sasameki Koto and yet you ruined everything. The timing is overwhelmingly ugly and the art style you did is horrible... no, it's disgusting. And the background music!!!???
from K-ON!!!??? What's wrong with you? Look at your blog! It's empty. You have some pics but without even discussing something that's why nobody commented you. And then you go to Yasashii Sekai's blog and try to show off!? You're supposed to be humiliated. Your blog is the most horrible of the horribles! And now you'll just delete this comment coz you're humiliated??? What a coward noob you are!!!
  • 2009-10-26 21:31
  • Otaku Expert
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[C9] Re: What the!???

ohhh you got it wrong...honestly...I'm a passive type...I'm not like Nakayo...im tired of posing so will you just understand??...honestly..sometimes I don't get the people in the internet...You always look at the negative side...
so what if my name is otakublaze...and you're an otaku expert??duhhh as in duhhh...who cares..mind your own happiness coz I have mine...I'll ask you damn question..are you the one who pilots my own life???....*dadaam!* the answer is no...so BACK OFF~!! You're just wasting my time..and I'm sleepy..yawn...Anyway...I honestly like and idolize Nakayo...weeee...shes great~! *doodooooon~!* [thumbs up]..ohh yeahhh~!!!
  • 2009-10-28 19:43
  • otakuBLAZE
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[C10] back off..lolzz

well, otaku expert...or what ever...about the song..duhhh as in duhhhh...I made that when the op or ed of the anime wasnt release yet...and how do you expect me to DL the song???duhhhh.....use your head not your tummy...geeezzz...what a duhhh person...sorry for saying...you started it...geeezzz...I hate doing this stuff...but you're provoking me...

[C13] Ummm...

Umm... yea.
Like what Otaku Expert said.
I think she has a point in a more
way. And the animation...
(not to be rude) if I were you,
you should've save it and watch it
yourself. You just wasted your time.

  • 2009-11-03 22:44
  • Sapphire
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[C14] Re: Ummm...

huh?? I still dont get it?...well its just alright..anyway...lets just not talk about the song..focus on the anime haha (^_^)

[C115] Comment is pending approval.

Comment is pending blog author's approval.
  • 2017-06-15 07:58
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