Aoi Hana Question and Answer portion for The Seiyus

Q1: You probably will have some kind of impression concerning the work, “blue flower”?

Q2: Is the part which itself plays probably what kind of character?

Q3: When playing itself part, please teach the point. Or distantly it probably is the thought how of liking to keep playing?

Q4: Lastly, the message the fan which enjoys this work we request to.

Q1: Friendship of the girl and romantic love and quaint woman's heart being drawn delicately, [dokidoki] it points to the kind of feeling which looks secret. Densely furthermore it is, when there is a girl school, just a little going, the character which is like

Q2: Always rear of the person, it seems that keeps being attached, being moderate, being shy, the girl cries and with the insect has made the paw [tsu] with the spoilt child. Just a little you are troubled the tend part. So vis-a-vis the thing of romantic love well enough it is bold, the character where you fall in love and the [tsu] [po] are and there is a place and/or is dangerous and is

Q3: Because simply it is not the type which opens heart to the person, when the [a] - and the family and being, when the relief impression and speaking with the person around, we would like to try to be able to attach the difference properly. It represented at the [hu] kind of looking which protecting it designates the thin voice where and stops wanting, as the base, when getting angry, when [hu] seeing and being flurried, when doing [hu] seeing and [dokitsu], it would like to keep playing at the [hu] looking respectively.

Q4: With new dubbing artist challenge, everything is unprecedented, but we would like to keep playing at the [hu] looking which I think securely. Don't you think? to be troubled to be dangerous please watch over at the tend [hu] looking together!! And as for the whereabouts of love whether how it becomes in the pleasure please taste new [dokidoki] with this work of the ・・・Aoi Hana!

Q1: The whole work is wrapped, softly in the inner part of atmosphere, securely ardently there being a theme which is not, the chest becomes [kiyun]. And, the characters who come out everyone are easy! We would like to live in such a town,….

Q2: Good he grows hoarse from everyone, the girl it is bright. Time of the student the child of the popularity person who is in class the [a] - was the like feeling. However when you wanted to become such a child, it did not leave to me,… it is existence of yearning.

Q3: Because it is the girl straight the core will be secure without acquiring color strangely, in order to play to straight, you have tried.

Q4: So, you are glad that you can relate to the cute work truly. Making the original read, receiving, while making the image of the work which you feel important, the [a] - becoming part, we would like to fuse to the work. We ask also the flower whose everyone animation edition 'is blue please' may!
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