Sick and Tired of School

arrrrgggg...!! I'm sick and tired of school I wanna dieeee~


ahhhh....no wait...Before I die I must see the concert of  GIRLS' GENERATION..kyaaaaaaaaa~♥ Damn it... I SNSD...
I hope this 2nd semester I'll be transferring to ADDU, I really feared that I won't pass the test or my subjects won't be credited...

Why am I worrying about this??...Tomorrow's our exam(Aug.25-27)!! Right now I should be studying but I got tempted by my PC. I can't help it but to open it...yeah~!
Ahhhh did I mention that I'm a college student now??...weeeeeeeee~!...Well, in fact it sucks half of my life 'coz I see my friends less per week and sometimes I don't even see them. We won't be dancing Gee, Oh, Run Devil Run and Tell Me your Wish when we see each other on streets!( I really love doing that despite people are staring at us..duhhh who cares! As long as we're enjoying it! ^_^ )
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